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The Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives- District 95, Austin McCollum is a pro-life conservative who will work hard to fight the unnecessary regulation and taxation that gets in the way of prosperity in Arkansas.  He is very passionate about improving the education system in Arkansas to better prepare students for the increasingly competitive job market. 


Austin grew up in District 95, just off of Benton County Road 40 where he has lived for 12 years. Conservative policy has been a point of interest in Austin's life from an early age, eventually leading him to spend time working under the Republican leadership in Congress in Washington D.C. during college.  After graduating from the University of Tulsa, Austin remained active in campaigning for other advocates of small government and fiscal responsiblity in Arkansas.  Currently, Austin works in retail business analytics in Benton County.


Austin is passionate in his support for veterans, as he has seen first-hand the sacrifice our service men and women must make. His father and younger sister serve in the U.S. Navy, while his older brother serves in the U.S. Air Force. Austin will take the deep sense of service and love for one's country that has been instilled in him to Little Rock as he represents District 95.



I believe in responsibly lowering taxes, and simplifying the current tax code. Arkansas needs a tax structure that encourages businesses to flourish and allows working Arkansans to keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets. We need a tax code that does not punish success, but rewards it. The state income tax is entirely too high and places an unnecessary burden on working Arkansans. Also, I believe it is the role of the Arkansas state government to build an environment that attracts entrepreneurs and businesses in order to grow our state economy and create more jobs.



I believe our education system will be more capable of delivering a quality education to our children if it is governed at a much more local level.  I support school choice in education to give parents the right to choose the specific schooling their children will receive, rather than the children being assigned to a particular school based on their place of residence.

The requirements of our workforce are ever-changing and are becoming increasingly centered on technology. I believe a stronger curriculum emphasis on technical skills, technology, and computer coding development will have our children poised for success in the future job market.



I will oppose any attempt to expand Obamacare in Arkansas. Better solutions to affordable healthcare coverage are health savings accounts and other market-driven reforms.


Religious Freedom

I will vote to keep government infringement out of your business.  You have right to stand up for your religious morals, and you do not need the government telling you to act against your religious beliefs.


2nd Amendment  

I will work to always protect our 2nd amendment rights. As a member of the NRA, I will vote for your right to carry. I am endorsed by the NRA.


Pro life

I believe it is our responsibility to protect the rights of the unborn. I am Pro-Life.


District 95

Consists of parts of Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, and Pea Ridge




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